In order to be able to offer the most exclusive services in terms of SPA in Portugal, the founders of YALA SPA SERVCES visited numerous places recognized for offering these services in Europe and the East.

After analyzing the Portuguese market, there was an absence of real knowledge and supply in this business area, however, there was an offer of “copy” services poorly prepared and sometimes harmful to patients.

As of February 2000, the founders of YALA SPA SERVCES established institutional and commercial contacts throughout the East, especially in Sri Lanka, India, China (Hong Kong), Thailand, etc. There they received training, studied and analyzed all the methods and therapies they offer today in Portugal.

Since then, knowledge has been deepened and services (definition of logistics, decoration, products, accessories, etc.) have been added to complement the current comprehensive offer.

From 2004, using the acquired knowledge, a thorough research work was developed that resulted in the creation of an innovative therapy in terms of SPA and at the same time., since its origin is lost in time. Olivotherapy is a massage with a very important component of health, but at the same time. relaxing that fits in with the oriental therapeutic concepts, but uses a typical Mediterranean product such as olive oil.

Benefiting from the fact that the Olive Oil used in Olivotherapy is originally from Portugal, partnerships have been established with various local entities linked to the regions of its production, study and promotion. Thus, using the “Rota do Azeite” project, we were invited to develop several initiatives (workshops, lectures, demonstrations, etc.) by the Municipalities of Mirandela, Murça, Marvão and Castelo Branco, by the Piaget de Macedo de Cavaleiros Institute, by the Museo do Accepted in Baena - Córdoba - Spain, etc.

In 2010, we started to explore SPAs and created the concept of “SuiteSPA by YALA” in Hotels that did not have spaces dedicated to SPA and in office buildings within the cities. From 2012, we also started the direct management of SPAs inside hotels through a partnership with the Axis Hotels Group in Porto and Vermar. Having become the focus of the company since then the "SPAs Management".

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